What is LWC?

LWC is a plugin that allows players to lock doors, trapdoors, chests and more!

Protection Types

LWC has 4 main protection types.


/cpublic makes it so that you own the chest but no protection is applied. In most situations, this is relatively useless


/cprivate means that you have locked the chest and only you and people you add to that protection can insert and take items out of a chest.


/cdonations means that anyone can put items into a chest but only you and people you add can remove items.


This is a password protection system.

/cpassword <password>

/cpassword <password> locks a block with a password.

/cunlock <password>

/cunlock <password> unlocks a block that you previously protected.

Removing a protection

To remove a protection, do /cremove

Removing all protections owned by a player

To remove all of your protections, do /cremoveall

Adding and removing people to a chest

LWC allows for players to add other players to their protections.

/cmodify @<playername> E.g. /cmodify @redstonedesigner

This gives the selected user "Mod" permissions for that chest. AKA they can add and remove other players to that protection. DO NOT do this unless you know the person in real life.

/cmodify <playername> E.g. /cmodify redstonedesigner

This command will add the selected user to the chest and allow them to insert/take items from the protected block.

/cmodify -<playername> E.g. /cmodify -redstonedesigner

This command removes the selected player from the protected block. For "Mod" users on that protection, the command is the same.

How do I get information on another person's locked items?

To get information on another player's locked items, do /cinfo

What are LWC flags and how do I use them?

LWC flags are markers that you apply to your protections to say that you do/don't want something to happen.

Available flags

The available flags for LWC on DifferentCraft are:

  • Redstone - States whether you want a protection to interact with redstone
  • Magnet - Allows protections to suck up nearby items and deposit them into their inventory. Great for farms.
  • AutoClose - States whether you want your doors to close automatically after you walk through them.
  • AllowExplosions - States whether you want explosions to be capable of destroying the chest.
  • Exemption - States whether your locks will be affected by expiration dates. Normally staff only.

How to turn on and off

To turn on a flag for a protection, do /lwc flag <flagname> on

E.g. /lwc flag redstone on

To turn off a flag for a protection, do /lwc flag <flagname> off

E.g. /lwc flag redstone on

What can I do if I have a room full of chests?

Good news! You do not have to type /cprivate every time! Just use /cpersist before using /cprivate. When you are done, make sure you do /cpersist again! The same applies for /cremove and all of the other commands mentioned in this page.

Drop Transfer

Drop transfer means that, once you have set this up, you can drop items and have them go to a chest.

Selecting a target

To select a target for drop transfer do /cdroptransfer select

Enabling drop transfer

To enable drop transfer do /cdroptransfer on

Disabling drop transfer

To disable drop transfer do /cdroptransfer off

Checking the status of drop transfer

To check the status of drop transfer (on or off) do /cdroptransfer status

LWC Unlocks can be done by moderators if the owner of the lock has been inactive for more than 7 days in a town.

Moderators have the power to unlock LWC items if the player is in a town and has been inactive for more than 14 days.

Moderators WILL NOT unlock chests in wilderness as they are not claimed. Ensure you lock your chests in /wild.

To fill out an LWC Unlock Application, click here.