McMMO is the skills plugin that allows you to level up in skills like "herbalism" and "woodcutting". Levelling up each skill unlocks several skills like "Double Drop".

Redeeming credits

To redeem credits do /redeem <skill> <amount>

To check your credit balance do /credits

Viewing skills

To view a skill do /<skillname> E.g. /herbalism

To get a list of skills and your levels in each skill do /stats

Viewing Level Bonuses E.g. Double Drop

To get to the skill, do /<skillname>

There are skills shown at the top. Some of them can only be accessed by levelling up that skill to a certain point while others are percentage-based and increase over time.

Viewing another player's stats

To view the skills of another player do /inspect <playername>

Toggling McMMO Abilities

To toggle the activation of McMMO skills upon right-click with an item in your hand. I.e. pickaxe or axe. Do /mcability

Displaying list of McMMO commands

To access the full list of commands do /mcc

Viewing McMMO help text

To view the McMMO help text, do /mcmmo