What is a party?

A party is a group of people, similar to a town but the party can have extra features such as party teleport and party chat.

How do I create a party?

To create a party, do /party create <name> [password]

You can password-protect your party so that, if the party is open, people require the password to join.

How do I join a party?

To join a party do /party join <party-name>

If the party has a password protection set, you will need to do /party join <party-name> <password>

If the party is not open, you will need to be invited and accept that invitation.

How do I leave a party?

To leave a party do /party q

How do I use party chat?

To use party chat do /p

How do I invite someone to my party?

To invite someone to your party, do /party invite <playername>

How do I accept a party invitation?

To accept a party invitation, do /party accept